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Friedman Fundamentals Discussion

What Drives High Health Care Costs

Should the government play a role in providing Americans with health care? 


Ideally, the government is not the one providing health care to Americans. That which becomes dependent upon government becomes beholden to it and the government should not be the ultimate arbiter of what kinds of care an individual receives.

The government should guarantee Healthcare as a right and change the current system which puts profits over Health. The narrative that the government will decided what care the patient receives is incorrect. In a true Single payer Medicare for All system, private physicians and private hospitals will still provide the care, but the government will pay the bill as many Self-insured companies do now. By negotiating service costs, this could result in a 50% reduction of current per-capita costs and still insure the additional 30 million people that currently do not have health coverage. Healthcare is a human right and should be handled as such.

I do not believe the government should get involved in our insurance except maybe to allow over state sale of insurance so that there is more competitive rates to the people buying insurance. Also permanent s allowing small companies to join and have their employees join bigger companies in this way having better buying power!

Access to healthcare should be a right to all Americans. Our taxes should cover the cost.