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The Human Prosperity Project Discussion

The Modern-Day Choice between Free Markets and Socialism

What are the costs of China’s economic gains?


The cost is many to the average everyday worker, and the outside world seems to revel in the suggested success of the economic miracle projected by the government. The reality is a bit different. Some ordinary citizens have seen their income increase at the cost of freedom of speech. The government decreases freedom of speech in favor of controlling the narrative broadcasted to the outside world. Many high-net-worth persons seem to open bank accounts in global banks outside the country while purchasing property abroad, as hard capital flows out of the country. These individuals have a dim view of current government control will change any time soon for the better.

The cost is of violating private property, such as intellectual property.

Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, of course. Whatever economic growth is achieved at the expense of such values- is not worth achieving at all!