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Constitutional Safeguards Against Socialism


The US Constitution creates a balanced system of government that is uniquely equipped to resist socialism. It divides up power among many sources and gives Americans time to reflect on the desirability of proposed changes, making violent revolutions or rapid upheaval unlikely. This system also allows government to consistently ensure the basic protection of natural rights.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do socialist revolutions jeopardize the rights ensured in the Bill of Rights?
  2. How does the governmental system established by the Constitution protect against socialism?

Additional Resources:

  • To learn more, read “Socialism and the Constitution,” by Michael McConnell. Available here.
  • Watch “The Bill of Rights with Michael McConnell” on PolicyEd. Available here.
  • To learn more, read “Socialism vs. the American Constitutional Structure: The Advantages of Decentralization and Federalism,” by John Yoo. Available here.