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Key Facts

Changing the Narrative between America and China
False Self-Image
China’s state-controlled media makes it is easy for Beijing to depict its country as a land of prosperity and peace.
Liar Liar
Beijing’s story of its domestic rise is partly true, but its narrative about its international actions is mostly false. President Xi insists that China is a victim. But that is not the case.
China, the Bully
China continues to encroach on Taiwan’s air space and the Philippines’ waters. Its ships have smashed Vietnam’s fishing vessels. It has meddled in Australia’s internal politics. And it has even murdered Indian troops along the border. Its record on human rights remains atrocious. It continues to stifle free speech in a once free Hong Kong. And it imprisons more than one million Chinese Uighurs in concentration camps.
How America Can Help
America’s leaders can rally the free world by calling out these issues wherever they occur. The US must foster free speech both within and about China. Eventually the truth about China’s repressive government and unjust actions will solidify international opposition against it.