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Intellections Discussion

How Open-Source Information Is Changing Intelligence

What are the advantages of open-source intelligence?


Information becomes more available, to everyone that wants or needs, to use it. Information is not always good or true, so people have to know and learn, the difference. There are several sites, that publish mostly true and free information. Like educational institutions and government agencies. They usually inform the people, which can be used for resources. We had to use the internet, to learn methods, to perform our duties. I can not disclose some of these because they are still used and could change how the people are still using the information. We have to be able to know that the information, we are using is still valid, mostly due to changing times. Government offices use confidential sources, making that information, unavailable to the normal everyday person. This is both good and bad, if we are an open and free society, almost everything should be available, to the citizens of the country. When to many things become secret and the people are not informed like socialist countries, a lot of deceit commonly happens. This is not usually beneficial to those people. It hampers their societies growth and people. Slowing down everyday progress. We truly need open architecture to have growth in all industries, not just communications. It doesn't mean that if something is regarded as confidential has to be identified and limited if it means security is needed to defend our country or personal safety. The capitalist countries have a patent department that protects these rights. it doesn't allow for the banning, of people from using those things, just not copying those things. That is how we keep socialist countries from having information needed to protect our country.