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Limiting Presidential Power: A Return to Constitutional Balance


Published September 21, 2021

The Constitution includes checks and balances in order to protect individual rights. But since the middle of the 20th century the executive branch has grown in power, creating political and legal instability that threatens our future prosperity and undermines the rule of law. We must restore the checks and balances that are essential for protecting our individual liberties.

Discussion Questions

  1. How has the executive branch grown its power since the middle of the 20th century?
  2. Why is it important to have checks and balances within our government?

Additional resources:

  • Read “Checks, Balances, and Guardrails” by Michael McConnell, via Defining Ideas. Available here.
  • Read “Socialism and the Constitution” by Michael McConnell PolicyEd. Available here.
  • Listen to “How the Framers Made the Presidency” with Michael McConnell on Liberty Law Talk. Available here.