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More Videos From George P. Shultz

America and Strategies for the Future with George P. Shultz

No Empty Threats: Establishing Credibility in Foreign Affairs

Making empty threats in foreign affairs threatens national security and destroys credibility.

Carbon Taxes: The Most Efficient Way to Reduce Emissions

A revenue neutral carbon tax would automatically encourage consumers and producers to shift toward energy sources that emit less carbon.

The Art and Practice of Governance

Managing governmental spending, guiding private enterprise, maintaining global alliances, and educating the next generation are America’s top priorities that have not changed over time. However, good governance is needed to sustain and realize these long-term goals.

Reorienting The War On Drugs

The United States’ policy of the “War on Drugs” has not effectively discouraged drug consumption.

Acting from Strength: Achieving Deterrence in Foreign Policy

Deterrence is the ability to prevent an unwanted military action through the threat of consequences, and it is a crucial component of United States foreign policy.