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Chapter Two: The Importance of Trust


Published October 03, 2019

George Shultz shares personal anecdotes and explains the importance of creating a “Persian moment.” He argues that to build better relations with Russia and other countries, it is crucial to contain the nuclear weapons before commencing negotiations. Since the US and Russia have the largest stockpiles, they should be the first one to contain their weapons.

Video Recorded: August 20, 2018

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the disadvantages of making empty threats?
  2. What kind of policies are needed to control climate change?

Additional Resources

  • You can read George Shultz’s chapter, “In Brief: A World Awash in Change,” in Blueprint for America. Available here
  • You can find the rest of “Blueprint for America” here
  • Read “The Danger Of Empty Threats” by George P. Shultz, available here.