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Reducing Carbon Emissions with Nuclear Power
Energy Independence
We’re in a rare period of American history: one of effective energy independence.
Importance of Nuclear Power
As we move toward low carbon, or even a zero-carbon future, it is a mistake to completely rule out nuclear power.
Wind and Solar Energy
Wind and solar can provide a lot of energy, but they need to be paired with enormous battery storage or other energy reservoirs in order to smooth out their variance in energy production.
Zero-Carbon Electricity
Generating zero-carbon electricity in the future without including nuclear power will be not only difficult, but extremely costly.
Nuclear Power Safety
Repeated studies and scientific data clearly show that nuclear power is one of the safest sources of energy, and dealing with waste is a political problem, not a technological one.
Zero-Carbon Future
If we’re going to move to a low-carbon future in a way that makes fiscal and environmental sense, nuclear power needs to play a continuing, critical role.