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Scott Atlas On Why Competition, Not Laws, Will Make Health Care Prices Visible


Published: August 6, 2019

More patient control over health care spending will lead to more price visibility and lower costs. But contrary to popular belief, legislation isn’t necessary to make prices more visible in the health care system. The most compelling reason for doctors and hospitals to post their prices would be because they are competing for patients’ money.

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[How do we get lower health care costs?] 

The information has to be there. 

The question really is, is the legislation necessary to do that 

Because we really don’t do that in other goods and services. 

You don’t have to say to the computer store, you better show your prices. 

The fact is that the most compelling reason for doctors and hospitals to post their prices would be knowing that they’re competing for patients’ money. 

When patients care what they’re spending, they’re going to save money. 

We can also look at whole body MRI screening 

And within a year or two, the prices came down to $300 

Now not the only reason was that patients were paying but that’s a critical part. 

So it’s factually proven that when the prices are visible, the prices come down significantly.