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Economic Growth and Immigration with Edward P. Lazear

Foundations of Immigration Reform

To fix our broken immigration system, America needs to adopt a more balanced approach to immigration.

Edward Lazear On How To Reduce Income Inequality

To address income inequality, we need to focus on improving the skills at the bottom of the income distribution. 

Enhancing Economic Growth Through Immigration

The United States could boost its economy if it rebalanced its immigration system to allow entrepreneurial immigrants into the country.

America’s Exceptional Economy

The American economy has been so successful over time because of its industrious and mobile workforce, its historically light taxes and regulation, and its openness to immigrants and trade.

America’s Exceptional Work Ethic

American workers have always been industrious and well educated, leading to long-term economic growth and prosperity.

America’s Exceptional Labor Force

America’s exceptional economy benefits from its longstanding tradition of a mobile society and dynamic labor force, regardless of whether workers are native or foreign born.

Sustaining America’s Exceptional Economy

From its robust economy to its industrious nature to its dedication to improve the lives of the next generation, America needs to maintain the attributes that have made it exceptional on the world stage.