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Environmental Markets: A Property Rights Approach with Terry Anderson

Free Market Environmentalism with Terry Anderson

Free market environmentalism addresses the root cause of environmental problems: the tragedy of the commons.

Terry Anderson Asks Who Washes A Rental Car?

Free market environmentalism uses lessons from the market to solve the environmental problems stemming from the tragedy of the commons.

Office Hours: Terry Anderson On Free Market Environmentalism

Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Terry Anderson responds to your questions on free market environmentalism.

A Better Way to Preserve the Environment

There are important benefits that properly structured market forces can bring to environmental policy.

Getting the Fracts Straight

Scientific research suggests hydraulic fracturing’s risks are rare, but yields substantial economic gains.

Top 5 Reasons Fracking Regulations Are Whack

Hydraulic fracturing regulations are inefficient and ineffective, yet property rights and water markets can reduce its risks and take advantage of its benefits.


Swipe Right: Seeking Fracturing Policy Alternatives

Advancements in tracing technology enables the use of insurance, surety bonding, self-regulation, and third-party certification to more effectively regulate hydraulic fracturing.