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Nationalism v. Globalism: Past, Present and Future with Niall Ferguson

Terms You May Have Heard:

Globalism: Globalism refers to an understanding of and responses to economic and foreign policy issues on a global basis. As political scientist Joseph Nye stated, globalism “attempts to understand all the interconnections of the modern world—and to highlight patterns that underlie them.”

Fascism: Fascism is a type of far-right hypernationalism. Fascism is typically characterized by a suppression of opposing views, tight control of the economy, and dictatorial or authoritarian power.

Nationalism: Nationalism refers to the sense of loyalty to a nation, especially through the emphasis on and promotion of its culture and interests.

Populism: Populism refers to a political approach that places emphasis on the concerns of “ordinary people” who feel disregarded by elite groups. Populism inherently requires the division of peoples, relying specifically on the creation of an “other” upon whom a group can focus their grievances.