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Intellections Discussion

Investing In Good Teachers Pays Big Dividends

How can we encourage our teachers to constantly improve?


Teachers can do amazing things with very little resources, but when program after program gets pushed at them without proper training, and then scrapped year after year to substantiate an administrative position, teachers get disenfranchised with the next "cure all." Mostly, teachers intrinsic motivation comes from autonomy, mastery, and purpose (Dan Pink-see Ted Talks). Though, very importantly teachers must be paid enough to have that part of the potential stress in their life removed. If teachers are given the opportunity to self-direct their own learning, to have a seat at the decision making table, and to feel valued you would see a huge change in attitude. Everyone wants to feel needed. Everyone wants to feel that their investment in their degree wasn't a giant waste of time because there is this textbook program that they have to follow without the concept that they might know something more useful for their own students. What is the point of getting a degree (or several) if someone not even in the classroom gives no autonomy to use this new knowledge. Why not just hire people right out of high school if that is the case?