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Intellections Discussion

Investing In Good Teachers Pays Big Dividends
Why isn’t a teacher's pay more closely aligned with student achievement?


That question is too vague. What is student achievement, and how will it be measured. Are we looking at standardized test scores? Are we looking at reading, writing, and math, or reading, writing, or math? Are we going to consider behavior and emotional intelligence? Are we going to consider athletic performance or arts? Are we going to take into account a student's performance in history and science? How are we going to account for students who are considered English as a second language? How are we going to measure the performance of students with disabilities? Should students who can't speak be required to score the same as those without a disability? How about those who are terminally impaired? Should they count towards a teachers score as well? And how should we account for those students who are not exposed to the same vocabulary thereby affecting their reading comprehension and writing? Should those affluent students be measured in the same way that the most fortunate among us are, and then have those scored used to evaluate the teacher? Maybe if you could clarify your question I would be able to clarify an answer.