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The Evolution of US Cyber Strategy


Published March 15, 2022

Through the Obama administration, optimism about the capabilities of cyber warfare informed a cyber strategy that struggled in responding to the more pernicious uses of cybertechnologies. The Trump administration was more aggressive and assertive, but ultimately, its bottom-up approach to strategy formation proved challenging. The Biden administration faces a critical choice about what features of cyber strategy to adopt and which to create anew.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why is it important for the United States to have a cybersecurity strategy?
  2. How has US cybersecurity changed in the past decade? How might it change in the future?

Additional resources:

  • Listen to Jacquelyn Schneider and Herb Lin discuss “Cyber Power and Peril in the Post-COVID World.” Available here.
  • Read “The Military May Be Sacrificing Too Much in the Name of Global Presence,” by Jacquelyn Schneider. Available here.
  • Read “Iran Can Use Cyberattacks against the U.S. That’s Not Nearly as Bad as It Sounds,” by Jacquelyn Schneider. Available here.