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The Difference Between Good and Bad Inequality: Office Hours with David Henderson

The Inequality We Should Worry About

Hoover Institution research fellow David Henderson answers your most pressing questions about good and bad inequality from his video "The Inequality We Should Worry About."

  1. [0:24] What is the difference between good and bad inequality? How can some inequality be good?
  2. [1:12] Do you have any estimate of how much inequality in the United States is good or bad? And how would you go about figuring that out?
  3. [3:00] Is it possible or likely that new advances to technology can occur at similar rates to what we have now without increasing the wealth gap?
  4. [4:05] Is there a better way to measure inequality than with income? Would it make identifying good and bad inequality easier?
  5. [5:53] Many people believe it is impossible to get extremely wealthy without exploiting workers or bending the rules in your favor. How true do you think that is?