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College Opportunities for Low- Income, High-Achieving Students


Published January 6, 2022

Many high-achieving, low-income students do not apply to competitive colleges and universities. These students likely don't apply because of a lack of information about the costs of attending these institutions. Figuring out how to help these students apply to better universities could greatly improve their college outcomes.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What challenges do low-income, high-achieving students face when applying to college?
  2. What resources might be useful to low-income, high-achieving students applying to college?

Additional resources:

  • Read “What High-Achieving Low-Income Students Know About College,” by Caroline Hoxby and Sarah Turner. Available here.
  • Read “Expanding College Opportunities for High-Achieving Low-Income Students,” by Caroline Hoxby and Sarah Turner Available here.
  • Read “The Right way to Capture College ‘Opportunity’” by Caroline Hoxby and Sarah Turner via Education Next. Available here.