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Policy Insights

Policy Insights answers important policy questions by pulling together relevant op-eds, books, podcasts, and videos from Hoover fellows. Readers are given a one stop shop that guides them through big issues and points them in the direction of more Hoover resources.

Immigration is a contentious topic. Reforms should focus on adequately responding to work force demands, discouraging illegal immigration, and streamlining existing barriers to immigration.

After a generation of trade liberalizations, many Americans—on the left and the right—are having second thoughts.

Health insurance helps many Americans purchase health care. So why is it so expensive, and how can we make it more affordable?

Why did Congress pass the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017, and why were they focused on reducing the corporate tax rate?

America’s economy may seem stable at first glance but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s doing well. While many believe that our economy is at its best under the circumstances, history shows a different picture.